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Beginner Pole Spin

Beginner 1

Tailored perfectly for first-timers! Get ready to dive into the essentials of pole dancing, from mastering fundamental spins, twirls, and even throwing in a sassy pole climb. Slide into the groove with body waves, let your head roll with finesse, and showcase fancy footwork – all part of your step into the dynamic world of pole dance.

Pre-requisites - NONE! See you soon...

Headstand Exotic Dance

Beginner 2

This course is designed to help you build confidence while going upside down. Throughout this program, you'll explore handstands, fundamental inversions, elegant pole tricks in an upright position, and mesmerizing spin combinations.

Pre-requisites - Climb, Sit and a Chair spin.

Beginner Pole Dance

Beginner 3

Let's embark on an exhilarating journey to master inversions and build stamina while creating captivating combinations of moves! This course is carefully designed to help you gain confidence while going upside down. As you progress, you'll also focus on building endurance to seamlessly transition between these exciting maneuvers.

Pre-requisites - Climbs, Hello Boys, Layout, Cross Knee Release, Jamilla and Cupcake.

Intermediate 1

Pole Dance Superman

Now that you've got the basics down, let's spice things up by adding some new moves to your pole dancing repertoire. As your strength has been growing from your beginner practice, we're going to keep that momentum going. In this class, we'll show you how to do cool inversions, improve your handstands, and a bunch of other exciting stuff! Plus, we'll mix these moves together so you can dance while you work your magic with pole tricks and spins. It's all about adding that extra touch of style to your routine!

Pre-requisites - Invert, Chopper and Butterfly. 

Ballerina Pole Dancer

Intermediate 2

Now that you've got the hang of inverting, let's move on to the fun part – hanging upside down! This is the foundation for our more advanced pole tricks, and we're all about technique here. With practice, these inversions will become a breeze.

Pre-requisites - Aerial Invert, Leg Hangs, Leg Switches, Superman and Ballerina. 

Pre Advanced Pole Dancing

Pre Advanced

As you progress to this level, brace yourself for some challenging tricks. Your newfound strength and confidence will empower you to tackle more advanced maneuvers and tackle longer combinations. This stage will truly put your stamina to the test and help you build exceptional strength. You'll be diving into a wide array of tricks!

Pre-requisites - Shoulder Mounts, Aerial Chopper, Laybacks, Brass Monkey and splits on one side. 

Mary and Amber Advanced Pole

Advanced 1

In this course, we lay the groundwork with foundational strength moves that will serve as the building blocks for more advanced levels. By the time you reach this stage, you'll have already come a long way, and your growing repertoire of tricks will be a testament to your progress! Typically, students revisit this level until they've built a strong foundation in these key moves.

Pre-requisites - Ayesha, Aerial Shoulder Mount/Candy and Brass Bridge.

Machine Gun Pole Dance

Advanced 2

Moving up a level, we continue to expand your skill set by introducing a select set of pole tricks that build upon what you've learned in Advanced 1. These tricks are both impressive and demanding, pushing you to reach new heights in your pole dancing journey. It's common for students to repeat this course until they feel confident in mastering most of these moves.

Pre-requisites - Jade, Allegra, Starfish and Raiko Split.

Perth Flexible Cotton Candy Skies

Strength & Stretch

Our Strength and Stretch class combines muscle-building exercises with flexibility-enhancing stretches for all fitness levels. Expect a dynamic session, starting with strength exercises to tone and build endurance, followed by dynamic stretches and core work. Learn effective breathing techniques and finish with a relaxing cool-down. Join us to improve strength, flexibility, and overall well-being.

Exotic Strip Pole Dance
Exotic Pole Flow Dance


Unleash your inner sensuality and self-expression in our Exotic Dance Class. Dive into the mesmerizing world of sensual dance as you learn captivating styles, from burlesque to pole dance and exotic floorwork. Build body confidence, improve fitness and flexibility, and experience a supportive and inclusive dance community. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or a beginner, this class offers an empowering and judgment-free space to explore your unique sensuality and embrace the art of movement

Pole Flow

Discover the art of pole dance in our Pole Flow Class. This journey combines dance, flexibility, and pole techniques, creating graceful routines with expert guidance. Enhance strength, balance, and self-expression in a supportive community. Join us to explore the beauty of pole dance and express your individuality.

At Pride Pole Studio, we are more than just a dance studio. We are a community of individuals who come together to discover their strength, confidence, and sexiness. Our nearly 10 years of experience in teaching has helped countless individuals achieve their fitness goals while also empowering them to feel good about themselves. Whether you are looking to get fit, make new friends, or just have some fun, we are here to help you achieve great things.

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